Canvas to Cosmos


Canvas to Cosmos is an artist brand for the Malaysian Space Artist, Nurul Syahirah Binti Nazarudin, or known as Syahirah Stargazer. Canvas to Cosmos and Syahirah act as one entity to connect the public with the beauty of our universe and raise awareness on protecting the night sky through works of art.


Expressing Passion in Astronomy through Arts


Canvas to Cosmos aims to bring the public closer to the cosmos and raise awareness about the dangers of light pollution as well as dark sky protection through arts and public education. By incorporating space science in visual arts, Syahirah Stargazer is able to deliver the knowledge about our universe in a conspicuous, creative and emotional-evoking way.

Arts, as much as Astronomy aim to seek the truth about the space around us. Thus, Canvas to Cosmos aim to bridge astronomy and arts together to enhance more discovery about the universe.

We also focus on encouraging non-STEM background individuals to pursue and convey their interest in the wonders of the night sky through arts (visual, literature, music, filming, architecture and etc.).


Canvas to Cosmos artist, Syahirah Stargazer produces acrylic space arts, do live painting, write cosmic poems, give talks and interviews on Astronomy and science-arts, collaborate with astronomical associations for programs and work with Dark Sky Malaysia in educating the public on light pollution and dark sky awareness.