Space Artist

Hi, I'm Syahirah! I'm a space artist, dark sky and astronomy advocate and an educator.

I create cosmic arts to deliver the beauty of the night sky and raise universe awareness for Malaysian as well as international public. I’m a dark sky advocate for Dark Sky Malaysia and International Dark Sky Association and as a space artist, I reach out to the public about the dangers of light pollution and the importance of dark sky through my artworks. I was invited to virtual talks and participated in conferences to communicate astronomy and light pollution awareness through artistic works. Being a space artist is a part of my busy life as I’m a full-time educator during the day and as a teacher, I always encourage my students to incorporate arts in their learning.

As an astronomical artist, I am passionate to connect the public with astronomy through work of arts. The delights of observing the night sky have inspired artists, composers, and poets to interpret the universe in their own creative way. Until today, humanity is inspired by the wonders of the night sky and has been continuously producing works of art to express the astronomical connection and to simulate the world beyond the sight of our telescopes and cameras. By expressing my passion for cosmos in form of arts, I inspire those who are not involved in the field to enjoy Astronomy as much as I do. Even though the space out there is beyond our touch(yet), I want to make it reachable through my perspective of the universe. Based on my experience, whenever people look at my arts, curiosity sparked in them and they wanted to know what are my paintings all about. I explained to them the subjects in my paintings and this bridges astronomy to my audiences. Space science provide a deeper meaning to my artistic work and help the viewer to relate themselves with the universe in a more “human” way.

Besides Astronomy, I also communicate light pollution and dark sky awareness through arts. Light pollution is an underrated and minimized issue which requires more attention from the public. I want to spread the awareness about light pollution to the public in a creative and eye-catching way to the public with my arts. Through arts, the knowledge about our universe and light pollution can be carried in a creative, conspicuous, and stimulating way.



DECEMBER13/12- Dark Sky Malaysia Geminids Meteor Shower Live 20/12- Dark Sky Malaysia Geminids Meteor Shower Observation Report Live 21/12- Dark Sky Malaysia Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction Observation Live with Persatuan Astronomi-Falak Amatur Negeri Kelantan30/12- ApadiLangit Apa dah Jadi 2020 Live


JANUARY13/1- Dark Sky Malaysia Spot the Star Challenge Malaysia Pre-Launch: Introduction to Light Pollution16/1- Dark Sky Malaysia Spot the Star Challenge Malaysia Launch with Dr Connie Walker of NOIRLab and Director of Globe at Night 28/1- Dark Sky Malaysia Moon Gazing Session Live with Dark Sky Rangers
FEBRUARY6/2- Teh Tarik Astronomy Feb Live with Dark Sky Malaysia, ApadiLangit and StarFinder12/2- Featured in Astro Syok! Full Time Artist18/2- Dark Sky Malaysia Night Sky Observation with Dark Sky Rangers20/2- Dark Sky Malaysia AstroArt Competition Launch: Exploring the Universe and Wonders of the Night Sky through Arts with Dark Sky AstroArtist28/2- StemCorps IG Live: Canvas to Cosmos with Syahirah Stargazer
MARCH3/3- Laman Karya Lumut (LAKAR) Diskusi Eksperimental Kraf: Kesedaran Pencemaran Cahaya dan Langit Gelap melalui Seni6/3- Teh Tarik Astronomy March with Dark Sky Malaysia, ApadiLangit and StarFinder23/3- Officially an International Association of Astronomical Artist Member23/3- Dark Sky Malaysia IAAA Space Artist Malaysian Artist Member Announcement
APRIL3/4- National Science Week Speaker: Artistic Interpretation of Sagittarius A* in the Galactic Core11/4- Time for Your Hobby Podcast: Stargazing 12-19/4- International Dark Sky Week 2021 with Dark Sky Malaysia host16/4- UTHM Science and Technology Club Webinar Nasional STEM 2.0 Speaker: Astronomi untuk Semua27/4- Siaran Langsung Info dan Cerapan Bulan Penuh Perigee Dark Sky Malaysia dan Falak Online bersama Encik Shahrin Ahmad
MAY13/5- Cosmic Tribe International Day of Light program: Celebrating Light through Space Art speaker16/5- Night Sky Tourist Podcast: Art in the Night Sky26/5- International Astronomical Union: Communicating Astronomy to Public 2021 Virtual Oral Presentation entitled "Interpreting and Popularizing Astronomy through Arts in Social Media.26/5- Dark Sky Malaysia Host for the Live Observation of Perigee Moon Eclipse which was featured across other astronomical associations live and national TV in Malaysia.

5/6- The Khabar Baik Show with Chris MJ: A Star is Born