Losing Touch

We are slowly losing touch,

With the star sprinkled night sky,

Desperately trapped in the bubble

Of man-made lights.

That river of light,

Stretching across the night sky magnificently,

As we glorify those colourful artificial lights,

Blinding us from the celestials above.

This painting is dedicated to us, who are slowly losing sight of the starry night sky due to serious light pollution especially in the urban area. This artpiece is divided into 3 30x30 cm canvas, the most below depicting a heavily light polluted city with visible dome shaped skyglow. The other top 2 canvases show the Milky Way stretching across the night sky magnificently as our little light bubble prison beneath it glows insignificantly.

Let's make the heavens above visible again for all beings on Earth. Let the sight of the star sprinkled night sky touch our eyes, and our hearts. Shed light, on light.