Sagittarius A* in the Center of Milky Way

One of the challenging subject I worked on and required me to do plenty readings to fully understand this single image, the wavelengths and picturing the motions where the black hole is embedded.

This painting is not the black hole itself at the core of our galaxy, but the region around it. This artistic interpretation represent the shape of the heart, which indicate "the heart" of our galaxy where the supermassive black hole resides. This piece is referred and inspired by Chandra X-ray 2014 image of Sgr A* region, where the black hole is embedded in the protruding white part based on the painting. The "exploding" interpretation indicate the area where Sgr A* embedded, and the materials nearby the black hole region are being stirred, hence inspired me to make the clouds and dusts appear like they're moving in vines and tendrils towards the Sgr A*.

The blue and orange plumes around that area may be the remains of outbursts from Sgr A* that occurred millions of years ago. I love how blue and orange are complimentary colours which made this image of Sgr A region popped with bursting colours!

This painting is also created in conjunction of National Science Week 2021 (Minggu Sains Negara 2021).