Watercolour Arts

The Deep Sky Collection

The Orion Nebula

The Trifid Nebula

M20 is a star forming nebula residing in Sagittarius constellation and located 9000 light years from our home planet. M20 is best observed in August and can be spotted through small telescopes at an apparent magnitude of 6.3

A group of recently formed massive, bright blue stars can be easily spotted on the nebula's left "wing" towards the center. These stars dramatically influences the structure and evolution of the surrounding nebula by releasing instense flood of ultraviolet radiation, which also hinders new star formation in their vicinity!

M20 glows red due to ionization of hydrogen gas from the star cluster. The radiation from the hot young stars becomes weaker to ionize the hydrogen further away, making the gas and dust glows blue by reflection.

Trifid nebula also has a set dark dust lanes dividing it, which is catalogued as a dark nebula by E.E Barnard.

The Heart Nebula

Heart Nebula located 7500 ly from Earth towards Cassiopeia constellation. The bright center of this nebula contains a stellar nursery for young stars from the open star cluster Melotte 15 that are eroding away several picturesque dust pillars with their energetic light and winds.

Melotte 15 consists of a few bright stars 50x the mass of our Sun, dim stars a fraction of our Sun's mass and an absent microquasar that expelled millions of years ago.

The Milky Way Core

The Moon Collection


The gold acrylic represents the part of the Moon illuminated by the sunlight seen as crescent Moon from our perspective. The Earth reflects the light from the Sun and softly illuminates the unlit part Moon which appear as the Earthshine.

Reinhold, Fauth and Copernicus

The view of Copernicus and Fauth craters near the edge from Reinhold crater.


View of Tycho crater from the southern part of the Moon.

Morning from Clavius

Terminator line separating light and dark part of the Moon in Clavius crater, one of the largest crater on the Moon. Clavius is located far southern area on the Moon near side.